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2018 Raider Preseason Recaps!

The preseason started out fairly bland. There was excitement with Coach Gruden coming back and some new young players. We started out week 1 with Detroit in Oakland.

Wk 1- Detroit Lions 10, Oakland Raiders 16

The Black Hole was rocking as Chucky returned to the team he began coaching 20 years ago and left after the infamous Tuck Rule game. The Oakland Raiders kicked off their 2018 preseason by hosting the Detroit Lions. This game was the debut for new Lions coach Matt Patricia.The first preseason game usually tells us absolutely nothing. This game may have told us even less than that. Matthew Stafford did not even play. Derek Carr played only one series. HighLights

Wk 2- Los Angeles Rams 19, Oakland Raiders 15

Jon Gruden knows preseason: Everyone knows the first goal of preseason is to not get injured. It’s more important than winning. Gruden may have been away from coaching for a decade, but he didn’t forget that and made sure that his team would get off the field as soon as possible. Highlights.

Wk 3- Packers 6, Oakland Raiders 13

The Oakland Raiders hosted the Green Bay Packers in the third preseason game for both teams. Normally the third preseason game is the closest to regular season action. Starters often play into the third quarter as teams see where they really are.

Not this year. Not this game. Aaron Rodgers did not play at all as backup Brett Hundley got the nod. The Raiders did play their starters. Coming into the game the Raiders were expected to have a high-octane offense and a suspect defense. With Khalil Mack still holding out, that is only amplified. The Raiders managed to defeat a third string quarterback who was not good enough to stay on the roster of a team that went 0-16 last year. Both teams had at least 10 penalties for 100 yards. There is plenty of room for improvement, but the bottom line is the Raiders have no depth at quarterback. Without Derek Carr, they have no chance. 13-6 Raiders RECAP.

Wk 4- Seattle 30, Oakland Raiders 19

The preseason usually tells us very little, but 2018 told us absolutely nothing. The Raiders barely played their starters the entire preseason. The traditional formula went out the window. Derek Carr played a few snaps in games 1 & 3 and nothing in games 2 & 4. His backup quarterbacks EJ Manuel and Connor Cook both looked terrible. In the final preseason game, the Raiders were at the Seattle Seahawks.The Raiders begin the regular season on Monday Night Football at the Los Angeles Rams. The 2018 preseason is now in the books with the conclusion of the win over Seattle’s backups. 30-19 Raiders. RECAP

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