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'17 Raiders go 5-11 in Madden Season Simulation

AFC West

  1. y-San Diego Chargers: 14-2, +169 point differential

  2. Kansas City Chiefs: 9-7, +7 point differential

  3. Oakland Raiders: 5-11, -87 point differential

  4. Denver Broncos: 1-15, -187 point differential

The AFC West this year will look like a tale of two halves (and two have-nots). The Chargers managed to keep away any thoughts of relocation out of their head, leading the division and representing the lone divisional team making the playoffs. The Chiefs were lucky with their record, as just one touchdown scored than allowed led them to nine wins this year. The Oakland Raiders have little to be happy about, while the Broncos should think twice about their QB options as of late.

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Yep, the Raiders really are going with Derek Carr at QB. He didn’t do too bad a job this year according to Madden 17, however, hurling the ball at whoever can run to where it lands for 3,713 yards, 23 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions. A QB rating of 87.6 is a lot better than I expected pre-simulation results.

The Raiders’ rushing game is a joke, with the team leader in yardage, Taiwan Jones, gaining just 518 yards. His seven touchdowns were nice, but not when you fumble the ball six times. Michael Crabtree was the main target, but could accumulate only 598 yards, an average of 8.8 yards per play, and just one touchdown. His longest reception was 25 yards; a short gain threat, at best.

It’s the pass defense that brought the Raiders even close to thinking about a sixth win. Bringing in 17 interceptions, the Raiders defense turned the ball over in enemy territory enough times that even the kicker, Sebastian Janikowski, couldn’t screw it up. He did let his team down enough times in late-game situations, scoring 21 of 28 field goal attempts and having his kicks blocked twice.

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