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Bengals spoil Del Rio's debut with 33-13 win over Raiders

Not a way the new coach and Raider Nation wanted this day to go but this picture pretty much sums int up. We got our asses kicked. Our fans were pretty much pissed off from the first 3 and out, which included a drop by Amari Cooper, jittery Derek Carr and it got worse as the game wore on. There was a lot of twiiter noise about Carr, Reggie McKenzie's leadership. Del Rio had a really unfortunate decision to go on a 4th down inside our own 50 yard line and Carr injured his throwing hand on a straight arm to Pacman Jones during a scamble. You can read all you want about the game on the Bleacher Report.

What I don't really like to see is the Raider Nation doing a bunch of bitching at each other as fans. People need to vent, some people liked Pryor, some like Carr, others like anybody else. There was so much noise in the twitter zone and I love to react during the game, but man, it's ok to razz each other I just hate full on call outs the first week of the season? I can tell it's been 13 years of misery. Knowing the Raider Nation, we'll all bounce back from this and be ready for next week.

Highlights (lowlights)


Vintage Game - 1991 Raiders vs Bengals (Bo's Last game)

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